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Products > Pathfinder > Reference Books > Pathfinder Adventure Path - Pyramid of the Sky Pharoah Part 6

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Pyramid of the Sky Pharoah Part 6

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Pyramid of the Sky Pharoah Part 6

- A Pathfinder adventure for 15th-level characters
- A detailed look into the questions of the afterlife, judgement, and the nature of souls
- Five new monsters


Cardboard Memories sells a wide range of items such as boxes of new and current sports cards and all the related supplies.

Upper Deck, Panini, Topps, In The Game, and Leaf are some of the brands we carry.

In addition we also carry almost the complete line of Warhammer, Warhammer 40K and Warmachine miniatures manufactured by Games Workshop and Privateer Press.

We have hundreds of the more popular board games that you wouldn't find at the mass merchants.

New comic books from DC, Image, Marvel and the independents.

Probably the best selection of unopened Yu-gi-oh! product in the GTA, Toronto, Ontario or even Canada although we're not 100% sure about this boast.

Weekly gaming tournaments for Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh!, Cardfight Vanguard, and Pokemon.

Casual miniature nights Tuesdays, Dungeons & Dragons Next every Wednesday.

The local Pathfinder Society meets on Saturdays.

We even run a Pokemon school Saturdays at noon for those under 12.

Price subject to change without notice.

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