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On January 18th at 7:00pm we will be having another trade night in celebration of NATIONAL HOCKEY CARD DAY and the theme of the night will be the 2013-14 Titanium Hockey. It was too bad that the release date for SP Game Used Hockey was pushed back to the 23rd!

All your favorite things free pizza, free pop, case cracking and crazy people playing pack poker.

In celebration of National Hockey Card Day and Titanium we're dusting off the coolers (pop) and heating up the pizza once again.

So bring in your traders and your FRIENDLY AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Based on the previous trade nights of 18 years ago (and our last trade night), be prepared to meet people with a similar passion, make contacts, and develop friendships which may last forever!

We'll be cracking at least ONE case of Titanium for this event with 27 slots being available at a cost per slot to be determined.

We have permanent seating for 32 which is plenty of room for trading as well as pack poker!

By design this event is very casual and unstructured, you can drop by for 10 minutes or stay here until closing.

Pictures or video of this event may be posted to the website, Facebook or You-Tube.

Here are links to our recent trade nights;

Pack Poker 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUn3LeVyiAY

Pack Poker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9ujGvnJ27M

Door Prize http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQqKWF-TnDo

You can also expect;

- special door prizes (Panini FanExpo promo packs, National Hockey Card Day packs)

- and more!


If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Pokemon School This Saturday 12:00 Noon

Pokémon School


Do you have Pokémon cards, but don’t know how to use them?

Want to learn how to play or get your kids into a hobby?

Come in on any Saturday at 12:00 NOON

Learn to play and play with other enthusiasts!

Parents are encouraged to come in and participate as well!

Entrance is FREE! 12 year olds and younger only.

Every participant that attends will be entered into a raffle, and at the end of the month a random starter deck will be awarded!

NEW participants will also be awarded a complimentary pack of Plasma Freeze upon “graduation”!

A practice fun tournament will be run afterwards if we get enough participants to attend!

2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Boxes

5 Cards per Pack
3 Packs per Mini-Box
3 Mini-Boxes per Display Box

2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey sees the brand return after a three-year absence. But this isn't the same Trilogy as the last one that was released in 2009-10. The new high-end configuration centers on autographs and only the top rookies available for the set.

Every 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey hobby box comes with three mini boxes. Each mini box comes with three packs. The hits in every mini box break down to a pair of autographs and either a memorabilia card or a new UD Crystal card, making Trilogy a hit-per-pack product.

A precursor to the double rookie class that will headline sets released after the start of the 2013-14 season, Trilogy focuses on the best players to debut during the shortened 2012-13 season. Nail Yakupov, Vladimir Tarasenko, Alex Galchenyuk and Jonathan Huberdeau are among the rookie cards in 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey. Just 33 rookies make the cut in the release, helping ensure a stronger upside. Rookie Signature Premieres have three levels for each player. Inserted one per mini box, they're numbered to 699, 399 and 49. Triple rookie autographs are numbered to 25.

Signature Pucks use a puck face as the signing surface. Besides basic versions, Trilogy also has rare Retro Logo (#/13) and Shield Logo (#/3) cards.

Combining to fall one per box are Ice Scripts and Clear Cut Combos. Printed on plexiglass, it gives the signatures a distinct look. Past Ice Scripts cards have held up extremely well on the secondary market. Clear Cut Combos come with a pair of autographs in three levels of rarity.

Bringing more of the plexiglass are UD Crystal. Inserted one per box, these high-end inserts come in three tiers each of active, retired and rookie players.

Rounding out the 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey hits are Three Star Spotlight triple jersey cards. Past, Present & Future offer a generational look at the game. There are also National Trios cards.

The 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey base set has 100 cards.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournaments

Do you play Cardfight!! Vanguard?

Come in on Saturdays at 4:00 pm for our weekly tournaments!

Classical Art Masterpieces in 2013 Goodwin Champions

Classical Art Masterpieces Reimagined for Upper Deck’s Release of 2013 Goodwin Champions

By Chris Carlin - Upper Deck

Upper Deck’s annual release of the Goodwin Champions brand is the company’s opportunity to debut some innovative and unique new trading card concepts to fans.

The 2013 set that is scheduled to release mid-July will definitely deliver an impressive lineup of new inserts sets the likes of which have never been seen before like new Museum Collection Relics, the Elements and the End of Days insert sets.

Randomly inserted into packs of 2013 Goodwin Champions will be the impressive collection of “Art of the Ages” hand-painted trading cards.

One of the most impressive new insert sets found in 2013 Goodwin Champions though is definitely the “Art of the Ages” cards which are each one-of-one, hand-painted replicas of classical art masterpieces.

The artists Upper Deck commissioned to create these works of art each autographed the back of the cards as well.

There will be close to 300 different cards available from such legends as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and many more.

We received the cards in house recently and the building was buzzing as staff tried to take a gander at these one-of-a-kind masterpieces that truly are a much different take on a traditional artist sketch card.

The attention to detail on a canvas just 2 ½” x 3 ½” is amazing to behold and it is likely collectors lucky enough to pull one of these cards will feel like they belong in a museum.

Enjoy a small assortment of live scans of the “Art of the Ages” cards that can be found in 2013 Goodwin Champions.

Upper Deck to Release a Stanley Cup Box Set Chicago Blackhawks

Featuring Jonathan Toews, Corey Crawford and Conn Smythe Winner; Patrick Kane

One of the top questions Upper Deck’s Customer Care Team received after Jonathan Toews hoisted the Stanley Cup for the Chicago Blackhawks was, “Will Upper Deck create a box set commemorating this amazing team and memorable NHL Stanley Cup Final?” We are pleased to announce today that Upper Deck will be producing a commemorative set for the Chicago Blackhawks team!

Chicago Blackhawks collectors can hoist their very own Stanley Cup box set this summer!

The 30-card set will feature 25 player cards from members of the team along with five “Season Highlights” cards.

Additionally there will be an awesome 3 ½” x 8” commemorative box topper card that features a celebratory shot of the team after the memorable victory in Game 6.

The suggested retail price for the set is just $19.99 and it will be the perfect gift for the Blackhawks fans who enjoyed a season for the ages.

The set will be available in late July and will of course feature the players who made headlines this series like Jonathan Toews, Corey Crawford and the Conn Smythe Winner; Patrick Kane.

Pre-order your 2013 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Box Set Today!

Upper Deck’s O-Pee-Chee Wrapper Redemption Program Returns

Upper Deck’s O-Pee-Chee Wrapper Redemption Program Returns to Canada for the 2013-14 NHL Season!

by Chris Carlin

Last year in Canada hobby shop owners reported that collectors had almost as much interest in O-Pee-Chee hockey wrappers as they did in the actual cards. Why? Fans wanted wrappers because they could be turned into the participating hobby shop where they were sent out to get a special O-Pee-Chee wrapper redemption pack back for them.

Upper Deck is pleased to share that the program will be back for the 2013-14 NHL season and will run in a similar fashion to the existing promotion.

A special red-bordered version of the entire 600-card set and a unique 50-card O-Pee-Chee Stamps set will be available for collectors to claim through a wrapper redemption program. Here is how it works:

Purchase HOBBY packs of 2013-14 O-Pee-Chee NHL and collect the empty wrappers.

Submit groups of 50 HOBBY wrappers from 2013-14 O-Pee-Chee NHL to an Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer (CDD) in Canada.

The CDD will send in groups of 50 HOBBY wrappers for their customers to Upper Deck’s Canadian Fulfillment Center.

Shipping information will be provided directly to Upper Deck’s network of Certified Diamond Dealers in Canada.

Upper Deck will send one six-card pack for every 50 HOBBY wrappers received consisting of five red-bordered O-Pee-Chee parallel cards and one O-Pee-Chee Stamps card.

CDD will contact their customers to come pick up their packs when they arrive back at the shop.


New for the 2013-14 NHL season is the O-Pee-Chee Stamps set!

The promotion will only be available through Upper Deck’s network of Certified Diamond Dealers in Canada.

The promotion is available while supplies last and Upper Deck will issue a “last call” warning when these packs are nearing depletion.

There are no charges tied to receiving these packs from Upper Deck although some shops may request a nominal shipping and handling fee to send the wrappers in to Upper Deck’s Canadian Fulfillment Center.

Packs are being produced now and will be available for immediate shipping.

Find red-bordered parallel cards of stars like Sidney Crosby!

It is important to note, there will be 100 cards featuring members of the 2013-14 NHL Upper Deck Double Rookie Class.

These cards will likely attract a lot of attention and should be in high demand.

Look for standout rookies like Vladimir Tarasenko, Nail Yakupov, Alex Galchenyuk, Jonathan Huberdeau and many more to collect from this special set!

Yu-gi-oh! Yuuniversity Saturdays 2:00pm

Are you collecting Yu-gi-oh! cards and would like to learn how to play?

Are you intimidated by the tournament format or by the older players?

Come in on any Saturday at 2:00 pm

Learn to play and play with other enthusiasts around your own age!

Everyone player receives a complimentary Yu-gi-oh! Star booster pack just for attending!

Parents are encouraged to come in and participate as well!

Entrance is FREE! 14 years of age and younger only.

Every participant that attends will be entered into a raffle, and at the end of the month a random starter deck will be awarded!

NEW participants will also be awarded a complimentary pack of Number Hunters upon “graduation”!

A practice fun tournament will be run afterwards if we get enough participants to attend!

Our goal from this is to create a Junior Duelist League in the future.


2013 Upper Deck Team Canada A Canadian Exclusive!

The 2013 Upper Deck Team Canada Hockey set will be right in line with the base Upper Deck brand in terms of price and configuration.

There will be five cards per pack, 24 packs per box and 12 boxes per case.

The cards will all feature the same great photography as collectors have come to expect from the flagship Upper Deck brand, but the product will have richer content with two autographs in every box on average and four boxes per case will have a third autograph card!

The base card set features 260 cards including 100 short prints.

Approximately 200 former Team Canada players will have autograph cards in the set. Other fun aspects to the products are two trade cards good for two future star 2013 Draft Picks including rare signed versions.

Additionally, a “Clear Cut Program of Excellence” insert numbered to 99 copies will utilize acetate technology to deliver a very exciting card fans of Team Canada will want to collect!

Another technology insert collectors will love is the 60 card SE foil board set that will also have a rare gold die-cut parallel version.

Here is a breakdown on the box and case breaks for 2013 Upper Deck Team Canada Hockey which is slated to release on August 20, 2013.

Box Break: (on average)
Twenty-Four (24) Base Set SP’s
Four (4) Program of Excellence Alumni
Two (2) Team Canada Signatures
Four (4) Special Edition SE
One (1) Exclusives Red (#’d of 100), Exclusives Gold Spectrum (#’d of 10) or Printing Plate (#’d of 1)
Every third box will have a Program of Excellence BONUS autograph!

Case Break: (on average)
Four (4) Program of Excellence Sigs (#’d of 175 & 75)
Three (3) Special Edition SE Gold (1:96 packs)
Two (2) Captains SP’s (1:144 packs)
One (1) Trade Upper Deck SP card (1:288 packs)

One in every two (2) boxes will also have one of the following cards!
Base Set Exclusives Gold Spectrum (#’d of 10)
Base Set Signatures Black (#’d of 5)
Base Set Printing Plates (#’d of 1)
Clear Cut Program of Excellence (#’d of 99)
Trade Upper Deck Gold Auto (1:1,460 packs)

Topps and Major League Soccer Partnership

Topps and Major League Soccer Partnership Kicks off July 17th!

Topps debut Major League Soccer release, 2013 Major League Soccer, hits the streets July 17th, just in time for the 2nd half of Major League Soccer Season. As Topps’s first release under the newly acquired MLS license, the product delivers like all other Topps releases. It will feature the most prominent players, awesome designs, unique parallels, cool short prints, hot variations and of course it will be loaded with autographs, relics and special inserts. Here is just some of what you will find in 2013 Topps Major League Soccer.

· MLS Maestros: The top players from each team featuring low numbered parallels including Purple, Gold, Black and Red and a 1/1 Golazo
· 1978 English Footballers Autographs: Autographs from players featured on the 1978 Topps English Footballers design. These cards are all numbered to 25
· Golden Boot Die-Cut Autographs: A die-cut Golden Boot card featuring the league’s top goal scorers
· 2013 MLS Extra Time Redemptions Autographs. There are 3 Extra Time redemptions and they will be numbered to 99. Extra Time #1 will be Thierry Henry & Extra Time #2 will be Tim Cahill from the New York Red Bulls.

The full checklist is attached for you to see all that 2013 Topps Major League Soccer has to offer. As you see, Topps 2013 Major League Soccer is loaded and Topps is proud to announce that we have increased the number of Hits per box. Each Box of Major League Soccer will now include 3 Autos and 3 Relics, vs. the 2 Autos and 3 relics that were on the solicitation. There will also be 1 autograph per Value Box.

2013 Topps MLS Hits Hobby and Retail on July 17th.

2012 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Football Hobby Box


1 pack per box

6 cards per pack

Find the following Hard-Signed Auto's in every box:

- One (1) Rookie Autographed Patch Card #'d to 150 or less
- One (1) UD Black or UD Black Rookie Lustrous Signature #'d to 99 or less
- Three (3) additional autographs #'d to 99 or less

Look for:

- Exquisite Rookie Book Marks (#'d to 50)
- Exquisite Sixteen (#'d to 1)
- Exquisite Ensemble Dual, Triple and Quad (#'d to 30 or less)
- Exquisite Art (#'d to 15)
- Exquisite Dimensions (# to 60)
- Exquisite Choice Dual and Quad Signatures

Look for rare exchange cards redeemable for the entire Rookie Autographed Patch set! Delivers all 30 Rookie Signature Patch cards hand numbered to 3!

Find 30 of the top 2013 Rookies! Uncover rare exchange cards redeemable for the entire 2013 Exquisite Rookie card set! Redeemed cards are hand numbered to 10!

2013 Topps Bowman Inception Premium Baseball Cards

Contains 1 pack per box

Each pack contains four (4) Autograph cards and one (1) Auto Relic card

Inception is coming to Bowman! Having provided collectors with the first card of the best MLB players for years, Inception is another great way for Bowman to highlight the start of a player’s journey. Bowman Inception will feature the best Prospects and Rookies on the stunning Inception design. This inaugural edition will be loaded with hits!

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